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MAS Service

Service 1

University Advisory Service

Assistance provided to the Management of Higher Education, both to the foundations that want to established college, experiencing difficulty and danger to the vulnerable people to be able to develop and improve the quality of higher education is to improve competitiveness in the community. Assistance covers almost all aspects covered in the management of a college education. Among others: Needs Organizational Structure and Lecturer who is ideal for the growth of the college along with the terms and standards of the ideal qualifications for each position.

Feasibility study to establish a faculty or department, mentoring procces of accreditation, and financial aspects of assistance to be able to make improvements to new admissions. Detailed and complete, these things can be described and made plans based on the facilitation of the creation of a university strategic plans. Higher Education Mentoring is, not only can be done through a method of presentation to management, but also can be done in a container in the form of training or seminars on sectors or divisions that requirespecifically. If required, training given to the managerial position can also be done by providing post-training to provide assistance related to the implementation and monitoring of the implementation of the training provided.

Service 2

Bussiness Plan Service

A company will thrive if supported by reliable human resources. In this case the employees who are real experts in their fields so as to create a planning-careful planning. Yes, planning or business plan is one embodiment of every company which is a driving force to keep moving smoothly company business. No exception for all companies, the business plan is something very important. Sustainability is determined by the running of the company whether or not the business plan that is designed by managers.

Our approach of services as follows :

Service 3

Standard Operating Procedure

With Standard Operating Procedure you can handle your enterprise more efficiently and effectively with good quality. Our Services include:

  • Developing Standard Operating Procedure
  • Restructuring Business Process
  • Implementation to realize your Standard Operating Procedure is running well

Service 4

Accounting Service

Financial services are all about the management of finance. From the setting up of the business until the life span of the organization, capital plays a huge role. Therefore to manage the most important asset of the business, Focus data Consulting is providing various incredible services to you for your company's future growth and development. Accounting principles are standard through out the world which helped us to reduce the cultural and communication gap in areas, and thereby we are offering this variety of services to the worldwide. Accounting service are an art of interaction of the financial information about the business assets to the users. The communication that takes place is in the form of financial statements that shows the economic transactions under the control of management.


These unique services are offered by us to meet the client satisfaction which is our primary agenda. Business accounting services is the vital task in an organization which should be dealt with attention. So to manage the business financial services proper accounting services needs to be adopted. At Aditech Accounting Services we are ever ready to serve you with your accounting need.



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