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Taxation Services

Serv 1

Tax Planning Service



Tax planning is one of the alternatives for company when they will apply tax regulation in the company’s operation to get more efficiency tax administration and also tax saving without breaking the rule.

Applying tax planning could reduce the barrier of tax regulation implementation and hopefully could increasing the company’s performance.

Scope Of Work

Based on the condition of that client, we offer to provide the Management Tax Planning Services. The services will be included as follow:

  • Providing the general taxation concept based on the core business of the company
  • Providing the general accounting treatment to apply the general taxation concept based on the Indonesian Standard of Accounting and Finance Principles
  • Analyzing strength and weaknesses of these Management Tax Planning Design, especially from taxation point of view
  • Preparing alternative solution based on this analysis

Serv 2

Tax Audit Assistance



We offer our services to assist the company for finalizing the tax audit assignment from the related tax office, both for the tax refund purposes and the regular tax audit assignment

Scope Of Work

Our scope of work in Tax Audit Assistance Services will be includes as mention:

  • Review all document, taxation and accounting document, that will be submitted to the tax auditor
  • On behalf the company, doing a discussion with the tax auditor about all of the tax audit process
  • Giving the advice to the company regarding to the tax audit process.
  • Finalizing the process up to the issuing of Tax Assessment Letter from the related tax office

Serv 3

Tax Advocacy Service

Scope Of Work

Our scope of work in Tax Advocacy Services will be includes as mention:

  • Review all taxation and accounting documents
  • Giving the advice regarding to the tax objection process and tax appeal process
  • Represent the company to attend i relating to the tax appeal process

Our approach of service as follow:

Serv 4

Tax Management Service


We have to assist taxpayer to fulfill their periodic tax obligation, such as prepare and submit Monthly Tax Return and Annual Tax Return in accordance to the Indonesian Tax Law. TMS also assists taxpayer to review the potential tax payable that probable occurred related to the accounting transactions and recording in the taxpayer's bookkeeping. This review also consist the recommendations and action plan to be taken by taxpayer related to those potential tax payables.

Scope Of Work

Our scope of work in Tax Management Services will be includes as mention:

  • Preparing monthly tax return
  • Preparing amendment of monthly tax return
  • Correspondence with tax officer
  • Review and analysis the related documents to prepare annual tax return
  • Prepare annual tax return and submit the tax office

Our approach of service as follow:

Serv 5

Tax Administration Service



We have to handling tax administrations such as registration and revocation of Tax ID Number (NPWP) / Tax Entrepreneur ID Number (NPPKP), prepare and propose SKB PPh / PPN, updating the taxpayer information into related tax office, handling Transfer Tax Account Process, and other tax administrations.

Scope Of Work

Our scope of work in Tax Administration Services will be includes as mention:

  • Collect the documents from client that needed for Tax Administration Service
  • Submit to the related tax office
  • Correspondence with tax officer

Serv 6

Tax Court Assistance



Tax consultant to act as a Tax Attorney for the purpose of representing or assisting taxpayers in Tax Court in dealing with such tax objection cases, restitution and a review into the tax or file a lawsuit and appeal to the Tax Court.


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